Here are some useful links to clubs, product sites and interesting stuff that I have found

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  1. Hi Dave,good to see you briefly at the show last weekend.Sorry i did not recognise you straight away,you are looking extremely athletic.We have just got our used trials spares website up and running if you fancy a look.If you like the look of it perhaps you would be good enough to put it in your links on your site.I will certainly put yours in mine with your blessing of course.Keep up the good work with the website.Regards Richard Allen.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi…need a bit of help finding a new piston 85.5 for my 340 sherpa….anyone any sensible ideas…..

  3. Woody says:

    They are available, only from Spain. They’re Pursang pistons so need the skirt cut down and the two holes put in the back. In Motion can get them but they aren’t cheap anymore – £180

    Unless you can find someone who has some originals left on the shelf.

    I need the same size for mine.

  4. Gud asså… Svindlande trovärdigt påstående!
    Jag avgudar inställningen!!!

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