One thing that I think has always helped me with my biking is keeping myself in good shape.  I’m always looking around for new toys and recently, one of the things I got help with my fitness was an ab toning belt.  Having a stronger core (albeit under a layer of fat), actually made quite a difference to my biking.

An ab toning belt is a device that is wrapped around the abdomen and delivers tiny electric shocks to the abdominal muscles. The belt is made of lightweight, breathable material that allows you to wear it underneath your clothing. An abdominal trainer belt is usually also equipped with small pads that comprise of electrodes that send electrical pulses to the stomach. They then make the stomach muscles to contract and relax dependent on what program is running. The belts are designed for variety of purposes. Some of the ab belts are designed to strengthen weak muscles, to help improve posture and make the workout process easier.

There are many ab toning belts benefits. These include:

Painless exercise

having a go

me having a go with it

The belt is a great supplement to standard exercises that can be painful and exhausting. The vibrating massage function of the belt stimulates the nerves around the abdominal area thus producing a strong, deep sensation and it’s comfortable. The abdominal muscles will then naturally contract and relax, similar to what occurs when doing sit-ups, only in an effortless way. When set on the correct intensity one can relish hours of workout without heavy exercises.

Rapid results

The ab toning belts helps to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. It also sculpts and defines the ab region. For speedy results, you are required to simply incorporate your regular exercise routine, a proper diet, and healthy lifestyle. The belt firmly tones the stomach muscles making them more pronounced.  Research showed that participants abs got stronger when they used them for 40 minutes a day.


The belt is safe for both women and men who are looking to get stronger abdominal muscles. Studies show that therapists use the ab toning belt on patients who have limited mobility due to severe injury, partial or full paralysis. The patients all received outcomes that were safe and beneficial to their recovery process.

Easy to use

They are easy to use. The belt is recommended to be worn for a few minutes every day. It can be worn anywhere, at the office, while working out and carrying out daily routines.

Burn calories

The belt produces heat that quickens the body metabolic rate and helps burn calories faster. Using the belt enables the body to absorb other nutrients while allowing more toxins and unwanted body wastes to be removed through perspiration. This also boosts the blood circulation and effective lymphatic drainage.


The belt helps to relieve stress and shove off fatigue from the body. It increases the body’s serotonin levels and influences the brain cells responsible for better body function, improved mood, and sleep. Using the belt increases your energy level as a woman.


The ab toning belt is designed to fit anyone’s routine. It can simply be worn underneath one’s clothes while exercising as well as going on with the daily routine. It is very lightweight, and its small pads can securely stick to the skin thus allowing easy and comfortable movement while it works through the stomach. The belt utilizes batteries, hence excludes the trouble of wires.

It was a bit like this at first:

The ab toning belts has become a popular trend for an effortless workout. The belts are not replacement for traditional exercise; they are great device to help in reducing body weight while providing muscle support for both men and women.

On Sunday, with no trials on locally and a promise to my wife that I would do some family duties as we had relatives staying for the weekend I took the opportunity to spent a quick hour on Steve’s farm next door.

As the weather has been so dry lately it has totally changed the normal areas that we use and opened up plenty of new ground that is not normally accessible because of the depth of water in the stream.

Those of you that have ridden a trial here might recognise this section but where it is normally a good foot deep, the stream is almost dry – still makes for a good bit of practice just fifty yards from my front door – thanks Steve (however I think it’s time you got the Enfield back out to play!)

Here’s a bit of video showing how different the ground looks without water in the stream! Take a look here