Fantic 300 – Latest Pictures

The bike is now back together after fitting a complete new ignition and it fired first kick :0)

Here are a few pictures of the bike today with the polished cases and the powder coated side panels fitted – I think that’s about it (though I would like an ally kickstarter if anyone has one??)

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  1. Paul Burgess says:

    You have definitely got a good eye for style and colour !!! one of the best looking 300’s i have seen ,and in my book if it looks great it will ride great.well done now sell it and do another one as i look foward to logging on to see what you are doing next !!
    Regards Paul

  2. its a five move on says:

    Dave … my wife has asked for some new curtains….should we get beige or something with colour in??persume coloured with crome tie back..wink wink

  3. eric lusink says:

    perfect bike very nice
    greetz from the netherlands

  4. mike dobbins says:

    Were can I get the rear fender setup like yours?

  5. Mike Dobbins says:

    I’m restoring a 1984 Fantic 300 Pro,I’m almost done except I can not find anyone that has the swinging arm rubber or protector. Any ideas I tried Delay but none in stock Help!

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